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Strange looking PDF in Microsoft Edge and Apple Preview

Have you received PDF documents like this?

This is a PDF preview in Microsoft Edge. The PDF in question uses an OpenType font with postscript outlines with the variant without CID Font operators and this format is not supported by the Microsoft Edge PDF viewer.

For MacOS, the preview app shows the PDF, but when you print it, you get an empty paper.

We got a workaround for using this type of font with DynaPDF functions in our FileMaker and Xojo Plugins. So if you like to use such a font and get a working preview above, you need to not use the unicode encoding, but pick one of the 8-bit code pages like 1252.

Query the properties for font via GetSysFontInfos (Xojo) or DynaPDF.SysFontInfo (FileMaker) and check what you get back for BaseType. If the base type is OpenType. If it is open type and CIDOrdering property is empty, please don't use unicode code page for loading that font.

Or as I assume most clients do, is to trash the font and use one with proper character collection information. Otherwise having a checkbox to fall back to 1252 code page could be a checkbox to include for PDF output. Claris FileMaker Plugin
24 10 18 - 10:57