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Live barcode detection with Xojo for MacOS

As you may know we have the AVFoundation classes to capture video from camera including functions for live getting a picture. You can pass that picture to CIDetectorMBS class to detect faces, QRCodes, texts or rectangles. Now we got a new option to have the detection running on a preemptive thread to keep the Xojo app more responsive:

We get live image in background thread, pass it to detector and get you the captureOutputDidOutputSampleBuffer event with detected features as parameter. This way you can do live detection with high performance.

If you need more, you can always get current frame on Mac & Windows and pass yourself to TesseractMBS class or zxingMultiFormatReaderMBS class yourself to detect text or barcodes.

Coming soon in next prerelease of MBS Xojo Plugins 18.4. The biggest plugin in space...
29 08 18 - 21:17