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Why you should try Xojo

Yesterday I was asked what is Xojo and why should you use it. So if you don't know what Xojo is or why you should use it, maybe here a few points:
  • Xojo is easy to learn, especially much easier than C++ or Java.
  • Xojo comes with a learning curriculum, several manuals and webinars to watch.
  • Xojo comes with a cross platform GUI framework, so no need to learn Cocoa, Win32 and GTK+ and no need to license QT or similar frameworks for C++.
  • Xojo Apps are free to distribute, as you only pay license fee once for your Xojo license.
  • Xojo comes with a graphical interface designer, so anyone can layout a window or webpage.
  • Xojo builds desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux from one project.
  • Xojo builds web apps to run on web servers and they offer cloud hosting.
  • Xojo can build apps to run on Raspberry Pi and other cheap computers.
  • Xojo can build mobile apps for iOS and soon Android.
  • Xojo comes with a debugger, which allows to inspect variables, step through code and monitor multiple threads.
  • Xojo can share code between projects, so you can use same classes in web, desktop and mobile projects.
  • Xojo comes with a community of friendly developers which help newbies.
  • Xojo provides localized resources in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugueses, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Xojo can connect to various databases.
    Choose between six built in database interfaces or 14 ones via MBS SQL Plugin.
  • Xojo runs a big conference in USA every year and we run a European conference in Germany.
  • Xojo is a company, where you can actually meat engineers and CEO and discuss Xojo topics in person.
Every Developer has to decide which tools to put in his toolbox and use in various projects. And Xojo is an excellent tool as it can build so many different things in short time. Try it today! The biggest plugin in space...
30 05 18 - 13:37