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Personalized PDFs for WebDirect on FileMaker Server

For a client we made an example file to show how to personalize PDFs just in time. This runs on a FileMaker Server and is accessed via WebDirect. The admin can upload PDF files and put them in container fields:

Personalized PDFs

The clients can browse through PDF files and only see personalized PDFs files which get their name printed on the PDF.

Personalized PDFs

We personalize the PDFs using the DynaPDF functions to load the existing PDF, add more pages from other PDF files, add page numbers, write the client name on each page and save the new PDF in a global field. As global fields are per session on a server, each user has their own copy in the field, even two users come to the same PDF record.

We use a few triggers to do the work. The on record load trigger will process the PDF and put the personalized PDF into the container accessible to the user. They will never see or download the original PDF, but only their own copy.

The whole processing runs on the FileMaker Server and there is no noticeable delay for the user. DynaPDF is quick enough to handle even huge PDFs in a fraction of a second, so the transfer to the browser is the usual bottleneck.

If you like to try, email us for a copy.
29 05 18 - 12:33