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Privacy enhancements

In preparation for the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive here in Europe, we made a few more adjustments already to comply better with regulation:
  • If you as client request to see our data about yourself, we can send you an email with records about you in customer database.
  • If you like to get an export all emails related to you from our email application for a client, we would export them in Apple Mail as PDF.
  • We got contracts for data handling with domainfactory (website hosted), Olark (website chat) and a few others.
  • We got our records of processing activities done.
  • Created an encrypted database to log emails we send, so we can tell people what emails we sent them.
  • Our privacy officer is me, Christian Schmitz.
  • The Olark chat is now only loading, when you click on it, so they can't track you if you don't use the chat.
So if everything works, those changes may benefit you. See also older posting about Privacy enhancements.
Anything we may have missed so far?
25 05 18 - 10:35