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Live chat for website

As you may know, we use a live chat on the website powered by olark.com.

On the bottom of each website, you see a chat button, which may open a chat window. This is very convenient, if you like to quickly ask a question to me about a function, an order or the next conference.

But there is a downside. The guys from Clark see all your browsing on our website and every time you load a page, they ping the olark server to add the chat button.

Starting today this changes. All MBS websites first show a chat button, with a more blue bubble (to see the difference) and only if you click on it, we start the chat system. If you have been in a chat before and you load a new page on the same domain, we start the chat automatically, so it can continue. In the next days, we will certainly fine tune this and try to optimize the chat to properly load everywhere. If you see a white bubble without being a chat, let me know. The biggest plugin in space...
23 05 18 - 17:32