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Permanent column widths for FileMaker

Did you notice that FileMaker does not remember what column width you set for several dialogs?

That's changing today as we now add a feature to store column widths permanently in the preferences file for MacOS. So in the Manage Database dialog, we remember for the tables and fields lists the columns. Also for the layout dialog, we remember the widths.

This feature is not very difficult, as the list control used here from Apple does provide that feature out of the box. FileMaker doesn't make use of it, but the plugin can enable it. So when we now look to add out checkboxes for the ID column or the column itself, we can make sure auto saving is enabled.

You need to enable Layout IDs to have the patch for layout dialog be applied. And enable the checkboxes for field/table IDs for the field/table lists.
Coming soon to the next prerelease of MBS FileMaker Plugin 8.2. Who wants to try? Claris FileMaker Plugin
13 05 18 - 20:34