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DynaPDF for iOS

Today we rebuild the the DynaPDF library for iOS, so you can use the current version of DynaPDF with your FileMaker iOS SDK apps when using the MBS FileMaker Plugin.

We include four variants in our download:
  • DynaPDF for iOS
    The universal one, which includes library for simulator and device
  • DynaPDF for iOS ARM64 only
    For building 64-bit only iOS app
  • DynaPDF for iOS Device
    32 and 64bit for device
  • DynaPDF for iOS Simulator
    32 and 64bit for simulator
When building your iOS app, just include the dynapdf framework file in the frameworks folder inside the app and call DynaPDF.Initialize in the start script passing the framework name and your license key.

The result should be OK if everything worked. If you get an error message including "mach-o, but wrong architecture", well you did copy the wrong framework file.

Download: DynaPDF iOS Claris FileMaker Plugin
10 05 18 - 13:16