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HealthKit for FileMaker on iOS

For the next version of MBS FileMaker Plugin for the FileMaker iOS SDK, we are adding HealthKit functions.

For some time now we had people asking for it, so now we start with adding some basic HealthKit support:
  • Checking for availability of health data.
  • Authentication to get permission to use it.
  • Query basic values like sex, blood type, birth date, skin type and wheelchair use.
  • Query sample data like step counts and return results as JSON block.
The new HealthKit.SampleQuery function is really very universal, so you can query 30+ things using it and request values in various units.

If you like this, please try it soon and let us know what you think. More functions are possible, but it all depends on what you like to do and what we can do from a plugin.

Coming soon for MBS FileMaker Plugin 8.2 with the next prerelease.
Requires you to enable health kit for entitlements and declare usage in info.plist of course. Claris FileMaker Plugin
26 04 18 - 00:25