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Privacy enhancements

In preparation for the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive here in Europe, we made a few adjustments already to comply better with regulation:
  • Attended training at denkform: Europäische Datenschutzgrundverordnung EU DS-GVO
  • We setup a new privacy policy website in English and German.
  • Our website no longer tracks access and no longer stores IP in logs. We just keeps sum counts for web analyzer. We actually did that years ago and just verified that it's configured now for all domains.
  • Our plugin's update checker is disabled for new plugin version.
  • Mailing lists are opt-in.
  • We track newsletter opt-in now in database.
  • We got a new shredder to finally destroy all papers older than 10 years safely.
  • All web forms should be on https websites and going there you should be redirected to https if needed.
  • We got some additional SSL certificates to cover more domains.
  • Google analytics is in the privacy policy, but currently we don't use it.
  • Forms got checkboxes so people can agree to send data.
So if everything works, those changes may benefit you.
Anything we may have missed so far?
22 04 18 - 15:03