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Xojo 2018 Release 1

Xojo 2018 Release 1 is released. Some highlights from the announcement:
  • Windows IDEs can now Run and Debug 64-bit Windows applications.
  • Windows framework updates to reduce flicker.
  • iOS builds now use iOS 11 SDK and support iPhone X screens.
  • You can now display server stats for you Xojo Cloud servers.
  • WebFileUploader has many improvements, including: Drag&Drop, multiple file selection, filtering, upload progress, supports files > 2GB.
Personally I have other highlights including those:
  • Currency comparison works correctly under 64-bit.
  • Windows IDE no longer pre-compiles plugins unnecessarily.
  • SQLiteDatabase: When compiling a prepared statement fails, we now return the error that SQLite reports, instead of a custom "unable to prepare" error message.
  • Converting floating point to unsigned integer types now works correctly under 64-bit.
Complete release notes. What are your favorites?

If you use MBS Plugins, please be aware that you need recent plugins (17.5 or newer) as the IDE is 64-bit and the plugins must support 64-bit. See Xojo versions supported by MBS Plugins.
18 04 18 - 14:52