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Licensing guide for MBS Xojo Plugin

You can download and try MBS Xojo Plugins for free. Just play with examples and start development your application. A few days into development and certainly a few days before shipping to testers or clients, you should order a license. By default you order our regular plugin licenses for commercial use.

If you qualify for academic status, e.g. as a student learning to program, you can order academic licenses from us. Sometimes on a case by case decision we may include a hobbyist or unemployed user for academic status. Academic licenses do not allow commercial development, so if you receive any compensation for your development, you need a commercial license. Also we do not sell academic licenses to companies.

Speaking of a company, we expect a company to buy licenses based on the number of developers using them. The reason is obvious: If you have several developers, you should contribute more to the plugin development. Of course if you have a few developers, there may be a volume discount.

As a consultant, there are two ways:
First if you just deliver a compiled app to the client and they don't see source code with a license key, you can just get a license yourself as consultant and deliver the compiled application.

But if as a consultant the client wants:
  • Source code in a repository
  • Be able to read code or make changes themselves
  • Be able to build the application themselves
  • Get a backup copy of the source code
The client will probably need a Xojo Pro license as well as their own MBS licenses and you use the client's license keys in that project, but of course not in your own projects. For your own projects, we expect you to have your own license.

A violation of the license agreement can lead to have a license key voided and not valid for future releases or update orders. And of course legal actions are possible which would require you to stop using our plugins and destroy all copies of applications using the plugins.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
05 04 18 - 08:25