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FileMaker Pro 16.0.5 Update available

FileMaker Inc. just released the version 16.0.5 for FileMaker Pro (Advanced).

This update fixes a crash with scrolling in FileMaker Pro, which you only see with macOS High Sierra 10.13.

The same problem we fixed a few days ago with the FM.PatchNotificationProblem function. See blog article.

More details in the Support Article 26025 and download here.

We recommend everyone to install this update to avoid the trouble with older versions of FileMaker 16.
The download patches the 16.0.4 version in place, so you may want to duplicate the app before doing the update to have a copy of the old version available in case the update process fails.

As this issue only affected the MacOS desktop software, the update is not available for Windows or FileMaker Server including the FileMaker Cloud. Claris FileMaker Plugin
06 03 18 - 18:16