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Drop area for Windows in FileMaker

For years people asked for our DragDrop functions to work on Windows too.
Due to a few technical difficulties, the feature was in development for a year and put on hold several times. But last week we found the missing piece for the puzzle to get it working.

So for next prerelease, the DragDrop functions will work on Windows, too. A few little details, will be different. First we accept currently text and file drops. The image view used for drop destination needs a picture as on Widows we can't have it transparent. But that is normally not a problem as we just add a picture there with a note to user for the drop area.

Drop data can be text, file paths or file data. So some files like the files from explorer come usually by file paths. But attachments from Outlook (as seen in video), come as file descriptor with on demand data. So there is actual file, but the data comes directly from the application initiating the drag operation.

If you like to try, download the 8.1pr2 version or contact us for a early copy of the plugin. Claris FileMaker Plugin
05 02 18 - 18:55