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5000 Functions in MBS Plugin

Last year in summer I reported we reached 4000 functions.

Only 17 months later I write documentation for the upcoming 7.5 release and just noticed that we hit the 5000 functions goal!

I don't want to list all 1000 functions we got since June 2016, but here the list of topics added in the creation order:

SmartCard, ImageCapture, Updater, Java, TouchBar, WIA, Certificates, AVPlayer, DirectoryWatcher, iOSDevice, Registry, WinSendMail, UNNotification, WindowsUserNotification, MailComposer, MessageComposer, SocialComposer, BinaryFile, ImagePicker, CoreImage, ScriptWorkspace, Debugger, ImageView, CoreML, iOSKeyboard, iOSApp and Shell.

Please take the time to checkout what functions we got there and maybe you can use a few of them in one of your projects? The new Shell functionality for macOS, Windows and Linux looks promising and may be a big help to run command line tools. (
11 11 17 - 20:34