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Custom WebView in FileMaker 16

As you may know FileMaker 16 uses WebKit 2.x for the WebViewers and we had to rewrite a lot of plugin functions for FileMaker 16. But some are still missing like print to PDF or rendering images. We look forward to macOS 10.13 which should bring a couple of improvements there for the WKWebView class and so we can improve functions for the next macOS version.

As a lot of clients ask for the functionality they had in FileMaker 15 to work in FileMaker 16, I had a nice idea today: We skip FileMaker's WebView and create our own!
So here you see a WebKit 1.x WebView (the older one) with a website loaded:

You call WebView.Create to create a new web view on page. The plugin puts it right on the layout independent of all FileMaker controls. So it stays at the position and does not reload when you switch records. And this allows a lot of new possibilities for navigation and special controls!

Please try it in the next prerelease or email me for a copy to test sooner. Mac only of course. Claris FileMaker Plugin
26 08 17 - 00:40