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Updates for Updater, WebStarter and Bugreporter Kits

Today we update our Xojo developer Kits for Updater, Bugreporter and Web Starter. The main point is the move to use Xojo 2017 everywhere and remove the example projects for Real Studio. And over the years we collected a few improvements and bug fixes, which now go in the release for everyone.
  • Bug Reporter Kit 1.3
    • Added console example project.
    • Updated for Xojo 2017.
  • Web Starter Kit 1.2
    • Added helper functions for WebPopupMenu
    • Fixed some back buttons.
    • Added low level exception/signal handling classes from Bug Reporter Kit.
    • Changed code because some App.File* functions which are not available in newer Xojo versions.
    • Renamed Hash Function to not conflict with hash function in other Web components.
    • Updated for Xojo 2017.
  • Updater Kit 2.1
    • Fixed timeout property for CURL.
    • Updated for Xojo 2017.
Those updates are free for all current license holders. Of course if you have the code already in your projects, you may just look on our changes and maybe transfer them to your project.
24 08 17 - 16:11