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LibSndfile and TagLib plugins for Xojo

Over the weekend I added two new plugin parts which will come with next plugin release:

LibSndfile, an open source library to read and write sample data with various sound file formats.
We compiled it for all targets and it seems to work well so far. The website has a table for supported audio formats.
Our new SoundFileMBS class provides the generic interface and allows you to load the library, open or create files and read/write samples in various formats.

Due to being LGPL, you need to build yourself or get the libraries from us prebuilt. We can’t include GPL code in the plugin, but as it’s LGPL, you can load the library in your closed source app at runtime without problems.
Website: www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/

TagLib, an open source library to read metadata from audio files, e.g. ID3 tags.
Now we first add the generic interface which works for all file formats supported. See new classes like TagLibTagMBS.
Later we can add specific classes for individual formats based on demand.

This library is available both with LGPL and MPL. As we have to statically link the library (it’s C++), we need to use the Mozilla Public License, which doesn’t restrict us like the GPL does.
Website: taglib.org The biggest plugin in space...
21 08 17 - 11:54