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Raw Sockets for Xojo

As you may know Xojo has a TCPSocket and an UDPSocket class for taking TCP and UDP protocol with other applications and define your own protocol on top. In our plugin we have a UDPSocketMBS class for more options and even an UDPSocket class for iOS. If you need high level application protocols like HTTP, FTP, SMTP or IMAP, you can always use our CURL Plugin.

Now recently someone asked for a raw socket to go more low level. So I implemented RAWSocketMBS, which allows you to specify in detail the address family, socket type and protocol you like to use. And this includes using raw sockets where you can provide your own headers for IP packets. For a truly raw socket, your app needs root permissions on a computer as you can mess up a lot by sending wrong IP packets, so be careful!

So our new RawSocketMBS class can be simply used to make your own UDP/TCP socket, one for ICMP to ping or any of the other 30 protocols. You can decide if you let the OS create the headers for your packets or you create them yourself.

If you like to try, either wait for 17.4 prerelease plugins or email me for an early beta. The biggest plugin in space...
23 07 17 - 14:24