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FileMaker Scandinavian DevCon

We just got the announcement for the FileMaker Scandinavian DevCon:

As of today I know about those events in October:
  • FM Summit, Dutch/English, 9th and 11th October 2017 in Leiden, Netherlands, see fmsummit.info
  • FileMaker Konferenz, German/English, 12th to 14th October 2017 in Salzburg, Austria, see filemaker-konferenz.com
  • FileMaker Scandinavian DevCon, English, 16 and 17th October 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, see devconscandinavia.se
  • FM Conférence, Français/English, 19th and 20th October 2017 in Rouen, Frankreich, see fmconf.com
  • FileMaker DevCon, Spanish, 20th to 21st October 2017 in Madrid, Spain, see medium.com
If you have another conference, let me know. Claris FileMaker Plugin
29 05 17 - 16:11