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Convert WMF and EMF files to PDF with DynaPDF

Did you know you can use DynaPDF to convert Windows metafile to PDF as vector graphics?

When running on Windows, you can load EMF (enhanced metafile) or WMF and query their size. Than you can decide where to insert them and place them on a PDF page. Of course you can create a PDF page with the size of the WMF bounding box and place your graphic at full size.

If you like to create regularly documents with company logos, you can ask for example to provide them as PDF or WMF and just place them on the document as needed. As your designers when using something like CorelDraw can just export vector graphic as WMF, this is a convenient way to store them on Windows, except directly PDF. Be aware that some applications just embed a bitmap picture in the WMF, which lead to worse quality compared to pure vector graphics.

This requires a DynaPDF Lite license or better. If needed you can use a DynaPDF Pro license to render the PDF to JPEG, PNG or TIFF files.

With GraphicsMagick functions you can convert WMF files to bitmaps, but quality in DynaPDF may be better. Claris FileMaker Plugin
18 05 17 - 13:52