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Redirect fmp URL scheme for runtimes

Today we worked with a client on runtimes which had a need to receive FMP URL calls. The FMP URL Scheme is not officially supported for runtimes, but it looks like the functionality is there. We only need to register the scheme with the operation system. FileMaker Pro does the same and register itself as handler for FMP URLs. We do the same for macOS and Windows but point to a different app:

For macOS we just follow the example steps from the Readme coming with MBS Plugins examples in URL Scheme folder. As you can read there, you change the info.plist file of the app. Than you use the URLScheme functions in MBS Plugin to set the default scheme handler. Instead of a FileMaker Pro (which usually is not installed on the clients machines), the runtime will now handle the FMP URLs.

For Windows, the installer for the runtime, registers in the registry the FMP URL scheme and points to the runtime exe file. This requires admin permissions.

In both cases, FileMaker Pro (if installed), won't be the FMP URL handler anymore. So please keep it an option only for clients who need it and have no FileMaker Pro installed!

This can be reverted on macOS by deleting the runtime (or some terminal commands for lsregister). On Windows you can revert it with registry changes or using the FileMaker Pro installer to install over the existing installation.

But the good thing, the webviewer can now use javascript based calendars which trigger actions back to the app via fmp URLs. Technically on Mac our plugin also allows you to use other URL schemes for your solution and handle them by a script trigger. See URLScheme.InstallURLEventHandler Claris FileMaker Plugin
17 05 17 - 16:47