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LibXL 3.8.0 has been released

LibXL version 3.8.0 is available.

What's new in the version 3.8.0:
  • added data validation feature for xlsx files
  • added Book::addPictureAsLink() method (xlsx)
  • added Book::moveSheet() method
  • improved speed of Sheet::setMerge() method (removed overlap checking)
  • improved compatibility with Apple Preview (xls)
  • fixed a bug in autofit feature for a custom format with % character
  • fixed issue with access to some worksheets for exported xlsx files from the SAS statistical package
  • fixed issue with 1900/2/1 date
  • fixed a bug with loading some xls files
  • fixed a bug in Book::load() and xlBookLoadUsingTempFile() with passing a full path with directories for temporary files (xlsx)
  • fixed a bug in Sheet::setCol() (xls)
  • fixed Sheet::getNamedRange() and Sheet::namedRange() methods for correct extracting the whole column or row as a range (xlsx)
New methods:
  • Book::moveSheet()
New methods only for xlsx format:
  • Sheet::addDataValidation()
  • Sheet::addDataValidationDouble()
  • Sheet::removeDataValidations()
  • Book::addPictureAsLink()
The LibXL library can be used with MBS Plugins in Xojo and FileMaker. Updated plugins will be available soon. As usual we add the new functions soon. If you need help or want to try the new version early, let me know. Claris FileMaker Plugin
27 04 17 - 23:46