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Special guests at the MBS Xojo Conference in Berlin

Just five weeks till the MBS Xojo Developer Conference in Berlin.

Have you seen the list of guests coming to our conference?
  • Geoff Perlman, CEO and Founder of Xojo, Inc.
  • Travis Hill, engineer at Xojo, Inc.
  • Stéphane Pinel, build engineer at Xojo Inc.
  • Ulrich Bogun, German Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
  • Antonio Rinaldi, Italian Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
  • Javier Rodriguez Menéndez, Spanish Xojo Evangelist at Xojo Inc.
  • Jens Boschulte from DynaForms GmbH will be present to answer questions regarding DynaPDF library.
  • Jérémie Leroy, developing custom controls for Xojo
  • Carol and Bob Keeney from BKeeney Software Inc.
  • Marc Zeedar, publisher or the Xojo Developer Magazine
  • Björn Eiriksson from Einhugur, plugin developer.
  • Yousaf Shah from DataTherapy Limited
And of course a lot of regular attendees. With over 70 attendees this is our biggest conference.

For Geoff Perlman this is the first European conference since 2008. Your chance to talk to the CEO of the company and ask all your questions without traveling to the USA. Along with Geoff comes Travis Hill, the developer who is in charge for Android.

From Europe we will have all four local Xojo employees: Stéphane Pinel from France, Ulrich Bogun from Germany, Antonio Rinaldi from Italy and Javier Rodriguez Menéndez from Spain. Your chance to talk to someone from Xojo in French, German, Italian or Spanish.

If you have questions about DynaPDF, be sure to ask Jens Boschulte about his library. The plugin part is from me, so for plugin questions check with me. But if you need new PDF features, ask Jens and once he adds them, I can update the plugin.

Carol and Bob Keeney join us and can show you the BKeeney products like Shorts, FTC and Active Records. With over ten years of consulting experience you can learn from them how to do contracts, handle clients and run a Xojo consulting firm.

You may be a subscriber of the Xojo Developer Magazine. Marc Zeedar, the publisher of the magazine, will attend our conference. Be sure to talk to him about how he automates the production of the issues. If you like to get one of the year books, you can email him to bring you a copy.

For the first time we could get Björn Eiriksson to leave Iceland and join a Xojo conference. Björn creates plugins for Xojo for over 15 years and is great guest to have.

Finally Yousaf Shah will talk about running a business, David Cox about web apps, Mattias Sandström and Heinz Jürgen Groß about their Raspberry Pi projects.

And there is you: Bring your computer with your projects. Show your projects and see what others do. Learn from them how they solved problems and implemented great features. If you found an issue with Xojo, demonstrate it to a Xojo engineer. Sometimes the direct contact helps to identify a bug or add a little feature right away.

Registration and more Information on our website.
30 03 17 - 12:56