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Xojo Developer Magazine

Since its start the Xojo Developer Magazine has published over 80 issues with over 5000 pages. A huge library of Xojo related knowledge you won't want to miss.

The magazine is the longest available source of news, tutorials, xojo related product reviews and tips & tricks for Xojo, Real Studio and REALbasic. I still remember 13 years ago the emails from Marc Zeedar about the beginning of the magazine. I think it was a big adventure for him. How long are you subscribed?

If you have something to publish as an article or some xojo related news, be sure to email Marc Zeedar, the publisher of the magazine. For the first years I had a regular intel column with tipps about declares, windows and linux targets. Later I had an inside REALbasic column and today I publish from time to time articles around plugin features.

I recommend everyone using Xojo to subscribe as this is a valuable resource for the community and deserves our support. And if you write from time to time about an interesting topic, e.g. a blog article, think about submitting it as a short article. The community will recognize you.

Please comment, follow, retweet and like this article. On all those who refer to his article within the next fives days, we raffle three free Xojo developer magazine subscriptions off. And if you know exactly how many issues of the magazine were published, we double your chance to win!
03 11 16 - 18:04