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Recent changes for DynaPDF licenses

Did you notice recent changes to the licenses and features in DynaPDF?
There were two changes which may have gone unnoticed by licensees of the DynaPDF library:

1. Extracting images is now possible with Lite edition due to the new GetImageObj function. This does not apply to inline images, but to all of the big images and those are usually the ones of interest. e.g. if the PDF is from a scanner and only contains a big JPEG stream, you can get this image with Lite instead of Pro. The Pro version still offers more details with the parser interface where you can see which image is used on which page and with what output size. This allows you to know the display resolution, so you can detect low resolution images.

2. The optimize command moved recently from being part of the PDF/A add-on down to the Pro version. You still need the PDF/A add-on to convert arbitrary PDF files to PDF/A. But if you only need to reduce file size by removing duplicate content (e.g. common fonts or images in merge PDFs), you can now just go with your Pro license. This also applies to scaling down images to reduce file size even more!
The optimize command can be used to fix errors in PDFs as it rebuilds the content streams to make them error free. Especially when you archive emails from various clients, you may want to rebuild them just to make sure they display in the future on all readers.

If you are interested in a license, be sure to contact us with your wishes, so we can see if we can build a nice bundle for you for various licenses or apply any current discount offer.
All features are available for FileMaker, Xojo and Real Studio solutions. Claris FileMaker Plugin
06 08 16 - 00:11