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Talking to a SmartCard in FileMaker Pro

We had today some progress on talking to a SmartCard on Windows from FileMaker. Below the script which connects to the card and runs a query to figure out the version of the card:


If [MBS( "SmartCard.Available" ) = 1]

#Start a new session

Set Variable [$SCContext; Value:MBS( "SmartCard.Init" )]

If [MBS( "SmartCard.Valid"; $SCContext )]

#Query list of readers and pick first

Set Variable [$SCReader; Value:GetValue ( MBS( "SmartCard.ListReaders"; $SCContext) ; 1 )]

If [MBS("IsError") = 0]

#Connect to card

Set Variable [$SCConnect; Value:MBS( "SmartCard.Connect"; $SCContext ; $SCReader ; "Shared"; "any")]

Set Variable [$PRotocol; Value:MBS( "SmartCard.GetActiveProtocol"; $SCContext)]

If [$SCConnect = "OK"]

#Run a query

Set Variable [$Result; Value:MBS( "SmartCard.Transmit"; $SCContext; "0200000008000000"; "00ca018202"; 512 )]

#Result is 4 bytes. Starts with C901 for Version 5.0 or C903 for Version 5.3

Show Custom Dialog ["Version"; $result]


Set Variable [$SCDisconnect; Value:MBS( "SmartCard.Disconnect"; $SCContext; "Leave" )]


Show Custom Dialog ["Error"; "No card available."]

End If

End If

#End Card Session

Set Variable [$SCRelease; Value:MBS( "SmartCard.Release" ; $SCContext )]


Show Custom Dialog ["Error"; "Failed to initalize"]

End If


Show Custom Dialog ["Error"; "No SmartCard API on this OS."]

End If

Please notice that you will need 6.4pr3 in the next days to use this as we fixed some bugs. 
Claris FileMaker Plugin
03 08 16 - 18:36