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SQLite 3.13 with ICU

Recently a client asked for support of ICU in the MBS SQL plugin.
There is just a little problem. ICU libraries are 20 MB in size and including them for all platforms would increase SQL Plugin size for about 120 MB in size!
But you can use our SQL Plugin with an external SQLite library. Simply download the source code and built a copy with ICU enabled.

For your convenience I just built a copy of the SQLite library for Mac using the ICU library coming with OS X:

Download: SQLite3Mac.zip

To check whether it is working, you can for example do a "SELECT upper('ä')" and see if you get back ä (non working) or Ä (working). You can try lower, like and regexp, too. Claris FileMaker Plugin
02 07 16 - 18:56