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MBS FileMaker iOS SDK Extension 0.2

Nickenich, Germany - (June 22nd, 2016) -- MonkeyBread Software today is pleased to announce MBS FileMaker iOS SDK Extension 0.2, the first extension available for FileMaker's iOS SDK used to create branded iOS apps based on FileMaker Go.

Currently we have no plugin SDK for FileMaker iOS SDK or FileMaker Go, so we can't port our MBS FileMaker Plugin with over 4000 functions to iOS. But we created a different way to add a few useful functions for iOS SDK. The result is this new library for you!

Version 0.2 adds 5 more commands for writing a file, deleting a file, doing activities to block display sleep and check network availability.

By installing our library into your iOS app, you can now use nine commands:

version: Shows version of the extension.
events.authorize: Asks iOS for permissions to access calendars.
events.newevent: Creates a new calendar event for the calendar on iOS.
events.newreminder: Creates a new reminder.
activity.begin: Start activity and disable display sleep.
activity.end: End activity.
Files.WriteTextFile: Write text file in UTF-8
Files.DeleteFile: Delete a file.
Network.Available: Check if we have Wifi, Cellular or no network available.

We may add more commands in the future based on feedback of users.
So far this works fine for creating events/reminders in our iOS SDK based solutions.

Download MBS FileMaker iOS SDK Extension.dmg

Please try and provide your feedback to use. If you need assistants, help of custom functions, we are available for hire. This extension is currently provided as-is without cost.
22 06 16 - 12:47