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xDev Magazine Issue 14.3

The May/June 2016 (14.3) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:
  • The Sunroom Project * by Mark Strickland
    Mark uses Xojo and multiple systems to control the temperature in his sunroom, but he's really demonstrating the advantages of reusing code to solve problems.
  • App Integrity * by Sam Rowlands
    There have been reports recently of popular applications being hacked into malware. Sam offers some tips on how to ensure that your users don't use a modified app.
  • Multicore Processing * Part 3 Bby Markus Winter
    In this segment, Markus explores multiprocessing on Windows.
  • HiDPI Is Here * by Marc Zeedar
    The latest edition of Xojo supports Retina ("HiDPI"). Learn how to use it in your applications.
  • Tracking Health Disorders * by JC Cruz
    Jose begins a new health tracking project.
There are also columns on obfuscation, Raspberry Pi 3, Role Party Model, Calendar/Time Picker, and much more.

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