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DynaPDF Tracing

If you need help finding bugs in your Xojo project using DynaPDF you can soon try our improved tracing. With pr4 we'll have a much improved tracing feature in our DynaPDF Plugin.

As current you set the TraceFile property to a folderitem in your DynapdfMBS object. Now all calls to this dynapdf object will write parameters and result to this text file. You can see if the values you pass are the right ones.

For example if you pass an integer instead of a double you may here see the missing digits. Or if you pass INF, NAN or other invalid double values, you would see them in the log.

We hope this helps in future to track down issues when creating bugs.
Especially when you report a problem in DynaPDF we can now easier tell you to send the trace. Not your project or some source code, but the trace as there we see which calls are made. The biggest plugin in space...
12 04 16 - 23:16