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New functions for MBS FileMaker Plugin coming soon

The conference in Cleveland was fun and we got a few new functions in-between:

First the PrintDialog functions will soon allow you to set copies, first and last page properties for printing. Copies only applies to real printing, not to PDF generation.
But with PDF generation parameters you can now print e.g. first page only to a PDF file.

Our list functions improve with sorting. So List.Sort and QuickList.Sort can now sort date aware. And the new List.CrossProduct function allows you to create the cross product from two lists or just to combine two lists by picking each item from first and second list and put them together in a new list.

For word files we got two new commands to get/set XML, so you can make your own changes there like adding tables or paragraphs directly in the XML.

You can use new RSA features to create public and private keys. Than you can sign some data with private key and a selected hash algorithm. Later you can use public key to verify signature.

The Files.FolderSize function can quickly calculate size of a directory including file sizes, file and folder counts and distinguish between hidden/visible items.

For the addressbook we got new functions related to accounts. This helps to figure out which people or groups belong to an account (e.g. iCloud) or to see which account a record is from.

All to be available in a few days with 6.2pr1. If you need to try something urgently, you can always email us. Claris FileMaker Plugin
17 03 16 - 16:43