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Shorts Report Designer Release 1.5.4

Did you try Shorts for doing reports?
If so you may be interested to get a copy of OmegaBundle. Our MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin is used by Shorts for the PDF output and currently on sale as part of the OmegaBundle.

BKeeney Software Inc. released version 1.5.4 of the Report Designer. One of the bigger changes is it ships with a web example of how to take a report definition and display it for a web app. This affects a significant amount of methods and properties throughout the project to make them work on desktop and web but seems to work well.

BKeeney Shorts (with report designer) is 100% Xojo code (DynaPDF Starter kit required to export to PDF) and comes with a drop in Report Designer and Report Viewer component for both desktop and web apps.

For purchasing information please visit BKeeney Website.

The biggest plugin in space...
17 02 16 - 10:54