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More customization of FileMaker solutions

Do you see something unusual on this menubar screenshot or on the dock screenshot right?

Well, with MBS FileMaker Plugin you can change the name of the app in the menubar and also change the dock icon. Some nice ways to customize your solutions with FileMaker. And for the dock tile you can still use the badge function to show a little number or text. For example like Mail to show the number of unread emails.

To change the app name, please use the App.SetProcessName function. To change the dock icon pass an image container to App.SetDockIcon and for the badge label use App.SetDockBadgeLabel.

For the dock icon you best use a square image with at least 128x128 pixel size. Better you use 512x512 (for retina) and the plugin will fit the image to the right size requested by the operation system. For transparency, please use a PNG file. Claris FileMaker Plugin
07 02 16 - 11:54