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MBS Xojo plug-ins in version 16.0

NICKENICH, Germany (January 28th, 2016) -- Monkeybread Software releases version 16.0 of the MBS plug-in for Xojo and Real Studio.

The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the Xojo (Real Studio) development environment with 2,200 classes featuring over 57,000 documented functions. Our plugins support all three platforms Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with all project types desktop, web and console including 64-bit and ARM targets.

Some of the highlights on the 16.0 update:

For AVFoundation we got a couple of new classes related to working with movies. You can work with tracks and modify them similar to the deprecated QuickTime functions. Merge videos, cut parts of tracks, add new tracks and save the resulting movie as self containing movie or reference movie.

For people interested in USB HID devices we have a new set of classes to use them cross platform. For your Mac, Windows and Linux applications, you can now easily find devices and read/write data.

Windows applications have different ways for drag & drop of files. We now added a third way which allows use to get attachments when people drag & drop them from an email in Microsoft Outlook.

For XL plugin to read and write Excel files without Microsoft Excel, we got an update to latest version. Now you can even use those classes on 64-bit and ARM Linux platforms.

If you like to use zip archives with our plugin, we got two new convenience functions. The ExtractFiles function write the content of a zip archive to a given folder in the file system. Our CompressFiles function on the other side takes a folder and list of files and adds them to a zip archive. If you need more control, you can still use all the individual functions.

In order to write more encoding safe applications, we now have CheckUTF8MBS to replace DefineEncoding for UTF-8. The plugin replaces invalid byte values and makes sure the text is valid UTF-8. For better crash reports, you can now use SetThreadNameMBS method to name the thread and easier identify them in each report.

For better encryption, we added new padding property for CipherMBS class. The RSA sign/verify data functions can now take algorithm parameter to produces signatures using various secure hashes.

We got a new multithreaded SQL Database connection method, so your app is not blocked while connecting. You can now easily create a PDF directly from a NSAttributedStringMBS, good to make a PDF from rtf or word files. We updated the CoreImage classes with new filters, e.g. for QRCodes.

Finally we updated SQLAPI++ to version 4.1.7, DynaPDF to version, OpenSSL to version 1.0.2e, libXL to version 3.6.5 and SQLite to 3.10.2. This is the first plugin version without PPC code for older REALbasic versions. Now OS X 10.5 is required for deployment of Carbon applications with Real Studio.

See release notes for a complete list of changes.
28 01 16 - 13:30