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Speakers wanted

Just got notice that Xojo Inc. is looking for speakers for XDC 2016 in Houston:

Looking for speakers for XDC 2016!

Xojo is looking for talented and passionate speakers to present at XDC 2016! In addition to the fame, becoming an XDC speaker gets you a 50% discount on conference registration! If you are interested in presenting, we encourage you to submit a proposal with your session topic(s) and brief description(s) (3-5 sentences), along with your full name and contact info, to the XDC Conference Coordinator at dana@xojo.com. If you are interested in presenting, but not sure of a topic, please reach out to us and we can help you develop your session. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, February 26, 2016.

Speaking at such a great Xojo conference is of course a big honor and you save some money for your ticket.

If you like to speak in Europe at a smaller conference, you can of course submit a session for our MBS Xojo Conference, too. I would expect only around 10 people to visit both conferences, so you could even do a presentation first in Europe and later an updated one in USA. The biggest plugin in space...
14 01 16 - 20:30