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Happy New Year 2016

Already 2015 is finished and we a looking forward to a great new year!

This is year 16 for our Xojo plugins and year 10 for our FileMaker plugin. Yes ten, even as we will deliver version 6. We synchronized version numbers to the year number long ago.

What was new in 2015?
  • LDAP Functions
  • CURL with multiple asynchronous transfers
  • Markdown functions in plugin and via Javascript.
  • Running JavaScript without webviewer.
  • Excellent email sending functions for multiple attachments, right text encoding, properly encrypted connection and inline graphics.
  • Elliptic curve cryptography
  • and much more
In total 700 new functions for FileMaker and 300 new classes for Xojo with over 5500 new features in total. Year end we have 3500 functions in our FileMaker plugin and over 57000 documented things in our Xojo plugins. Over the years little babies get grown up.

Wishes for 2016?
We have quite a long list of wishes from people, but maybe you have a few new ideas?

Already on the list are new functions for Xojo to talk directly to HID USB devices on Mac, Windows and Linux. For OS X we may get some AVFoundation movie classes for easier editing of video files.

A big thing to do could be rewriting scanner support for OS X and Windows in our FileMaker plugin. TWAIN is getting dated and drivers are harder to find for 64-bit.

Conferences 2016

We are looking forward to meet you. For Xojo there is of course the XDC 2016 in Houston, Texas. We have meetings planned for Cleveland and Chicago and probably a few more to be named. We are still considering doing our own European conference, but need to fix a date and location.

For FileMaker, we plan to meet you at Las Vegas conference as well as the PauseOnError in Cleveland. In October we probably have once again a few conferences in Europe for FileMaker in Salzburg and other cities. The biggest plugin in space...
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