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Xojo and Java

As you may know you can use Java classes in Xojo with our MBS Java Plugin.
See documentation: monkeybreadsoftware.net/plugins-mbsjavaplugin.shtml

New tests show that this works on a Windows 64-bit application.
But current Java runtime ships with a jvm.dll which links against Visual Studio Runtime from 2010.
So the plugin can't load the dll unless you also install this runtime library.
(Download 32-bit, 64-bit)

Once we got those DLLs installed, the jvm.dll loads with our plugin and Java 1.8 RE.
So you can continue to use Java classes from your Xojo app in the future. Some people use our plugin to connect to databases where they have a JDBC driver, but no ODBC one. The biggest plugin in space...
28 10 15 - 09:49