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MBS Xojo Conference in Scheveningen

Presentations are running...

Stephane Pinel talked about what is soon coming in 2015r3 and what's planned for future releases. We are all looking forward for those new things!
Than we had my presentation about MBS Plugins with a few demos. And currently Dirk Cleenwerck talks about Arbed and SVN (Slides).

After lunch we started with my presentation about PDF and our DynaPDF Plugin. If you are interested in the invoice standard: Forum electronic invoicing in Germany. With DynaPDF we can create the PDF/A files with embedded XML for you.

Now Daniel Burkhalter shows his application for testing systems. Connecting to various devices, databases and data sources, it can test various devices and write reports and keep track of thousands of test runs. And all can be configured with huge XML files.

Later we have Hans van Schaick showing us his applications using databases and reporting. Than we have a conversation with Paul Lefebvre about new frameworks, iOS and raspberry PI support.

We closed after the session about CURL and after a little break walked to the beach to a restaurant. It was a nice evening with a lot of shoptalk about xojo development. I hoped you all stayed for saturday with sunshine from noon till sunset.
18 09 15 - 12:19