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QTEditableMovie Plugin

As you may know Xojo 2014 and 2015 don't support QuickTime on Windows any more. Some users still need that for their projects.

So we developed a plugin which is similar to the EditableMovie class in Real Studio and still work in Xojo. So you can open a movie file as QTEditableMovie or create a new movie file. You can query tracks, insert/append/scale tracks, create new tracks or flatten the movie to a new file. Our MBS classes like QTPictureMovieTrackMBS and QTMovieExporterMBS can be used in combination with QTEditableMovie to create new track from pictures or export the movie in a different format.

This is of course a bridging technology. The new plugin will not work on 64-bit. But it allows some clients to move from Real Studio to Xojo. The classes work for Mac and Windows, even Cocoa target as long as it's 32-bit.

Thanks to Xojo Inc. for providing source code and help to get it running.

If you are interested, please contact me.
Depending on what features you need, more customization to the plugin maybe needed.

PS: You may need to use QuickTime 7.7.6 on Windows 8 or 10. Version 7.7.7 may not install.
01 09 15 - 11:18