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Training day for MBS Filemaker Plugin - this week

The people at denkform.de are hosting a training for our MBS Filemaker Plugin. So if you want to spend a day with us learning about our plugin, please join us.

We make a guided tour and show you a couple of highlights and examples. Talk about what you can do and how you do some things. Later we will implement a couple of things in sample databases like the Audit function. Also download and upload with CURL is a good topic. We will look into the webviewer extensions and fill a sample form. Next we will do some image editing and writing a report into a Excel file.
Finally we have plenty of time for questions.

This event is in German (english event is also possible).
We meet 3rd September 2015 (and 3rd December 2015) at 9:30 am in Denkform office. Cost is 99 Euro (incl. VAT) and you can buy a license with 50 Euro discount.
You can register on the denkform website. After the event, there is the regular meeting which everyone can join for free and have dinner with us.
31 08 15 - 11:19