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Xojo Conferences and Meetings

Some conference and meetings are currently planned:

First, we are considering doing a one day event in Netherlands on the coast. As you can read on the forum (forum.xojo.com/24703-little-xojo-conference-in-netherlands), we have a proposal and are currently looking for who is interested and to find a date. The survey already shows a couple of dates where several people can attend, but we'd like to see more votes there. Once we have a few dates with 10 people, we can sync our date list with various hotels and make reservation.

Second, I will visit both Hamburg (survey here) and Gothenburg (survey here) in October, so I look for interested developers for a meeting in a restaurant for dinner. Just a chatting about Xojo, maybe showing some pictures from XDC in Austin or talking about latest Xojo release.

Third, it may be possible that the UK group do once again a meeting in/near Birmingham in the UK. We look forward to their announcement!

And finally we still take bets for where XDC 2016 will be.
11 08 15 - 13:28