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Checking Variable Declarations in FileMaker with MBS Plugin

While at DevCon I fixed a few bugs for the variable declaration checking in our MBS Plugin.
You all probably know the syntax highlighting feature which also got a bug fix for FileMaker 14 yesterday.

So this is what the script workspace looks like for FileMaker 14 if you have an undefined variable:

As you see we have a variable $test7 which is not defined, so we show a red warning on the right side of the line.
We also show a notification:

The variable check needs to be enabled by the developer using the MBS( "SyntaxColoring.CheckVariableDeclaration.Enable" ) function call. The plugin will mark all variables as undefined which are not declared in a "Set Variable" script step.

PS: 5.2pr8 plugin is available later today. Claris FileMaker Plugin
23 07 15 - 23:22