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SQL Plugin option to include SQLite Library

As you may know our MBS SQL Plugin can talk to various databases, but requires you to bring your own copy of the client libraries for the database or use the one installed on the target operation system.

Now for SQLite we add an option to use a copy of the library provided by MBS and linked into your application.
Our plugin gets a new module called InternalSQLiteLibraryMBS. It offers a few methods to query version details and configuration options, so you can check at runtime what version the plugin offers.

If you call the Use function there, the plugin will install itself to be the SQLite provider for SQL Plugin.
Due to this improvement, all our Sqlite example projects now use the internal version. Mac OS X 10.10.3 comes with SQLite 3.8.5, but our plugin with Coming later today in 15.2pr2.

PS: If you need an option to be set for SQLite, please contact us, so we can make sure all the features you need are enabled.
08 06 15 - 12:07