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Schedules for FileMaker

One often requested wish for our FileMaker plugin is a way to schedule script calls. So for the upcoming plugin version we got functions to scheduling. You can schedule:
  • Start a script
  • Executing some SQL.
  • Evaluating an expression.
for the schedule you can do that when
  • a wait time is over
  • a certain point in time is reached
  • a certain time of day is reached
  • the user is idle for some time
The whole system is very flexible. Each schedule you create provides an identifier which you can use late to query/modify the schedule and of course to cancel them.

The schedules to do SQL or evaluate can optionally also perform a script with the result being the script parameter. The reason is that some operations in SQL can't be done while a script is running and the database is open. But you can check the result in the script called after SQL performed.
27 05 15 - 20:56