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Dock Meter Example

dockToday we learnt in a forum post on the Xojo forum that Sascha Schneppmueller uses our ChartDirector plugin for a CPU meter in the dock.

We knew our plugin can provide CPU statistics to get the CPU usage and ChartDirector can show with charts, meters and gauges all the data, but this is first time someone combines that. And all with a background picture in the chart for the round bevel.

The example will be included for everyone with next plugin prerelease. You can find the CDAngularMeterMBS class in the documentation. It provides the round meter. With setMeter you define how big the meter will be. The setScale method defines the scale of data, in our case from 0 to 100 with steps of 10. The line width is set to 3 for the major ticks and zero for minor and axis. Next a wall paper is added with the size of the chart, so it does not repeat. Finally the pointer is added with the current value and two colors to draw it. Before displaying the image, a mask is added to hide the outer parts of the image.

PS: Did you try ChartDirector 6 with PDF output?
26 05 15 - 03:18