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xDev Magazine Issue 13.3

The May/June 2015 (13.3) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:
  • The Xojo Future * by Marc Zeedar
    Geoff Perlman's keynote address at XDC is like the Xojo State of the Union -- it sets the tone for the year and gives us a vision of the future. While we all want our new features now, the reality is that things take time. Here's what's coming and what you need to know to prepare yourself.
  • Too Much Fun! * by Marc Zeedar
    XDC isn't just endless tech lectures and hotel food -- it's adventure and experiences in a new city, connecting with internet colleagues, and fervent debates about our favorite development tool. This year was particularly enjoyable (there was even a murder during dinner), so Marc's included lots of pictures for those who couldn't be there.
  • Metrics for Personal Health * by JC Cruz
    As part of his ongoing personal health journal project, JC Cruz explains how to collect and analyze raw data into health metrics that actually make sense to the user.
Plus: custom operators, enterprise data modeling tools, Xojo 2015r2, Xojo games, tips, and much more.
18 05 15 - 23:22