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FileMaker 14 Runtimes

FileMaker 14Details about FileMaker 14 are coming out and there is one big problem for a lot of users here. Runtimes are now listed as deprecated.

"APIs, technologies, or features to be deprecated
As FileMaker Pro evolves, the list of APIs and technologies it supports may change. FileMaker recommends that you migrate your solution to use other APIs, technologies, or alternative features of the product, because the deprecated features may be deleted from this or a future version of the product.

  • FileMaker Pro runtime
  • Support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Support for 32-bit FileMaker Pro"
see help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14502

It is very amazing that just after first release of a 64-bit version, they mark 32-bit as deprecated. Could easily be that FileMaker 15 ships 64-bit only!

Why do we care about runtimes?
  • Runtime can be used to make free demo copies of solutions for people to test and evaluate.
  • Solutions for single users which cost much less than a FileMaker Pro license.
  • Kiosk demos or self running demos of solution.
  • All the catalogs on DVD for giving away for free.
  • Small business solutions which normally start very small with a runtime and later go to Pro/Server when business grows.
If FileMaker Inc. really cancels the runtimes, a lot of FileMaker developers can no longer stay in business as they can't migrate everyone to FM Pro. Not to forget that FileMaker just raised a few prices on their price list.

There can be a hope that they offer something like FileMaker Go for Mac and Windows to fill the gap. So FileMaker Go for desktop with a database file and you have more or less the runtime back. Claris FileMaker Plugin
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