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FileMaker 14

FileMaker 14Just today FileMaker 14 was released. The big change for me is 64-bit. Our plugin has been ready for 64-bit for a long time, as the Server used 64-bit before. Now it's 64-bit for everyone and you should make sure you have current plugins for best results.

If you use our SQL, Twain, LibXL, DynaPDF and other functions relaying on library files, be sure to have those in 64-bit, too. If you don't have TAPI driver in 64-bit, you should keep your solution running as 32-bit.

For the syntax coloring in FileMaker, the MBS Plugin can still overwrite FileMaker's colors and provide much more flexible rules for colors. Like red color if a called script is missing or checking calculation syntax to highlight wrong brackets.

With MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.0, everything should work already as we tested a lot with beta versions. With 5.1 we will probably fix a few minor things we'll encounter in the next days.
If you like to try, use our 5.1pr7 release: Prerelease Download

Enjoy the new version, test it and please email us if you see an issue.
12 05 15 - 15:54