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More menu commands for FileMaker

For building a menu in FileMaker we got new plugin commands and options.

You can now use diamond and bullet as special setting for MenuItem.SetState function. This will provide on Mac the bullet and diamond images instead of a checkmark.

If you only want to show menu entries if modifier keys are pressed down like shift, command, option/alt or control, we got new functions for this:
MenuItem.SetRequireCommand, MenuItem.SetRequireControl, MenuItem.SetRequireOption and MenuItem.SetRequireShift.

You can also now set on Mac the font style with name, size and bold/italic/underline:
MenuItem.SetBold, MenuItem.SetFontName, MenuItem.SetFontSize, MenuItem.SetItalic and MenuItem.SetUnderline

Finally we got recently an MenuItem.ApplyColor function to set the color of the text:

Still on the wish list is to get more features on Windows, but Microsoft doesn't make this easy. We'll see.
11 05 15 - 17:14